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Which are the Three Steps of the Lead Generation Process?

Four stages—awareness, interest, consideration, and decision—make up the bulk of the lead generation process. To begin selling your product or service, you must first bring attention to it. Advertising strategies like online banner ads, social media updates, and press releases can help achieve this goal. Customers will become interested once they learn about your product […]
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Why automating email is the best way to boost team efficiency

If you say “email automation,” most people will immediately think of marketing emails and lead nurturing. Although email automation is primarily designed for interacting with customers, it is also useful for coordinating with internal staff. The likelihood of closing a deal in business-to-business lead generation is proportional to the speed with which a company responds […]
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How can marketers achieve personalisation without relying on third-party data?

Yes, that’s correct. The rise of digital products and services has caused significant disruption across many industries, and marketing is no exception. With the increasing availability of data and the tools to analyze it, marketers have had to adapt and embrace data-driven strategies to keep up with changing consumer behavior and preferences. This has resulted […]
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The Importance of Brand Awareness in Modern Marketing: Timeless Tactics for Lasting Success

As a self-proclaimed “brand czar” and leader of B2B marketing, I recognize the importance of paying attention to the brand. A successful marketing strategy requires a well-planned go-to-market strategy that targets the right customers and a cohesive marketing team that can effectively communicate the brand’s story to build awareness, drive engagement, encourage consideration, and ultimately […]
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How marketers can create personalized content without relying on data from external sources.

  The rapid expansion of digital products over recent years has brought about significant changes in every industry. One field that has undergone a notable transformation is marketing, which has had to modernize and digitize its strategies in order to become more data-driven.   As marketers strive to personalize customer experience, data has become a […]
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